Tech Jobs of the Future

The advancement of technology has created a range of new job opportunities. Technology today has become more than just automating tedious processes. Apart from job roles in tech, it has also created platforms and tools for artists, entrepreneurs, and everyone in need of an audience. As a result, coding has become one of the fastest-growing skills.

The Booming Industries

The recent turn of events has caused technology to evolve faster in many other sectors as virtual classes, zoom meetings and digital conferences have become the new normal. Students and even adults have signed up for online classes on platforms like Skillshare, Masterclass, etc to nurture their interest during the lockdown, giving the EdTech industry a massive rise. Besides EdTech, other booming industries include Pharma & Healthcare, FinTech, E-commerce, Foodtech, Logistics, Gaming, OTT platforms.  

The year 2020 has turned out to be a game-changer for many online learning platforms. There are over 3500 Ed-Tech startups in India, according to a KPMG study. While the fintech industry saw consistent growth on a global scale over the last few years, the pandemic further accelerated it. The industry is responsible for the increased shift in business strategies, consumer’s preferences in the direction of tech-enabled financial services.

The Work Culture

In the year 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared Covid-19 as a pandemic, and work from home became the new normal. With companies rolling out new policies and initiatives to make Work from home a viable alternative in a post-pandemic world, the pandemic seems to have changed our lives for longer and in many ways than we imagined.
As a result, companies are now working to reform their work culture and the rigid structure of 9 to 5. People have now learned to negotiate, collaborate, build relationships without having to leave their homes or expensive business trips.

Programming Jobs of the Future

Coding has become the most sought-after next-gen skill as companies need to hire programmers to simplify business processes. Many emerging technologies will detect our future, and most of them will all operate on different programming languages.

Coding is writing an effective program to build technological solutions for almost any discipline, be it virtual learning, mental health or shopping.
Furthermore, some languages are better suited to particular use cases, such as online applications, smartphone apps, and distributed networks.

Knowing what skills you’ll need to be a good computer programmer is the perfect way to figure out which programming languages to master.

These few top the list while talking about future computer programming languages:
• C/C++
• Python
• Swift
• JavaScript

Programming is considered to be an important skill today and it will become more so in the future. The area will begin to expand as computer programmers worldwide discover new ways to create, communicate and lead with technology. By learning how to code now, you will be able to participate in the study and experimentation that defines the future of the world you live in.
Children who are exposed to coding at a young age will reap a plethora of benefits. Here’s a list of the most prominent coding jobs that your child could pursue in future:

1. Web Developers

Web developers create and maintain websites. They ensure web applications are functional, responsive and user-friendly. They take the requirements of their clients and create the architecture, data structure and algorithm for the project. There are 3 major types of web developers: Front end Developer, Back end developer and Full-stack developer.
The front-end developer ensures the web designer’s design gets implemented on the web whereas the Back-end developer’s code adds utility to the design. Full-stack developers take care of the strategy part to ensure the best user experience.

2. Software Application Developer

A Software Application Developer’s role is to create appealing applications for mobiles, tablets, etc. There is considerable growth in this role as people tend to prefer apps for simplicity in functioning, easy interaction and overall convenience. App developer’s work involves mapping out the structure, testing and programming the app. They have to create and maintain the source code throughout as apps constantly evolve to adopt new features and technology. A Software Application Developer must know Java, JavaScript, Python, C/C++ and more, to program both iOS apps as well as Android apps.

3. Technical Marketer

 A Technical marketer essentially focuses on the specifications and “technical” aspects of a product. This role becomes crucial when the consumer has specific knowledge about the product and asks informed questions. Especially in a digital-savvy world like ours, it has become an important part of content strategy. A Technical marketer must be able to understand the pain points of different audiences, Customize offerings and content and focus on creating consumer journeys. Read more about this role, here.

4. Computer Programmer

Computer Programmers role is to write and rewrite codes for programs and applications and to ensure that they are error-free. They do so by following a workflow chart as well as coding formulas until the desired information is generated. The job requires concentration, patience and attention to details. A computer programmer must be aware of Java, JavaScript, C++, etc.

5. Database Administrator

A Database Administrator secures, organizes and maintains the storage for extensive data. The major function of a DBA professional is to keep the data safe from unauthorized access but make it accessible to concerned users. This job requires rapid problem-solving skills, analyzing and retrieving information skills, etc. The most common programming languages required for DBA are- Python, Java, Oracle PL/SQL.

6. Data Scientist

This might be the trendiest job in the tech world. There is an increasing demand for data scientists as most of the sales and transactions are happening digitally these days. A diverse skill set is required for this profile as it includes tasks such as statistical analysis, software engineering, data visualization for storytelling, computer science, mathematics and effective communication. Data Scientists use languages such as Java, SQL, R, etc., to build models to interpret consumer behaviour and form actionable plans for companies and organizations. The job is perfect for well-versed technical coders. 

7. WordPress Developer

More than 50 per cent of websites are created on WordPress these days. It also comes under one of the most used Content Management System (CMS) in the world. A WordPress developer handles both back-end and front-end development that also includes WordPress themes and plugins. The skills required for this role are PHP, CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

Entrepreneurship & Coding

The rise of the Indian start-up industry with disruptive companies like Paytm, Oyo, Flipkart, Ola, has created a hopeful picture for the Indian economy. To stand out in the competitive tech-fast business market, entrepreneurs must hone their technical skills. Coding helps budding entrepreneurs on their entire journey as it also instils transferable skills in you. The entrepreneur will not be able to understand the functioning of their tech team but also be able to evaluate human resources, take an informed decision making, boost creativity, sharpen critical thinking skills and the art of delegation. To launch any product or service website and app become an integral part of the marketing strategy, hence learning to code comes in handy.

Thus, learning to code from an early age will prepare your child for these jobs and an entrepreneurial future. When children begin to code, they will be subjected to various novel situations that give them a head-start to many future skills. Young minds’ artistic impulses can also be enhanced and sharpened as a result of such experiences.