10 Free Coding Games for Kids

Programming is the next-gen skill the world is gearing up for, especially kids.

Teaching basic programming to children, particularly from a young age, opens up a world of new possibilities. Learning to code encourages strategic thinking in children and prepares them for a world becoming increasingly tech-driven.

There are several online coding courses that offer a framework for coding. However, kids can also make an easy head-start with games, applications, and other tools that can assist children in learning programming skills in a fun environment. Here are 10 Free Coding games you can introduce your kid to:

1. Coder Kids

Coder Kids provides coding workshops and camps for kids of all ages, online, in-person, and on-demand. We recommend you to check out their Introduction to Scratch Coding, a free on-demand workshop that comes with a hands-on project.

The students begin by creating a Scratch account and acquaint themselves with programming language fundamentals. They learn how to use Scratch to express themselves in creative and even entertaining ways. The Scratch GUI (graphical user interface) creates a comfortable learning environment and encourages them to build things on their own. At the end of the program, the students learn to finish the Pokémon in Space project.

2. Blockly games

Looking for an engaging way to introduce your child to coding? Then you should definitely check out This platform combines coding and gaming to make learning to code fun.

Blocky has several games that teach kids to code by presenting them with immersive challenges like puzzles, mazes, birds, music, movies, etc. Children can choose to type code or use drag-and-drop in-built blocks to solve a puzzle, create a story, and meet targets. Children can immediately see the results of their typed or block code, which boosts their confidence and enhances logical thinking.

3. Tynker

Kids can practise programming at their own pace on Tynker. There’s ample free learning material that consists of simple lessons and videos. Kids can create web apps, mobile apps, sports, and websites. The website is free to access, but if your child wishes to advance their knowledge, they can also explore the paid subscription classes.   

4. Code Combat

This is a fun game that combines text-based coding and RPG gaming and provides a highly immersive learning experience available on any browser. The goal is to give your character the right set of commands so that they can complete the missions by solving mazes, puzzles among other tasks.

Code Combat’s free version gives kids an in-depth introduction to computer coding science. It has 39 levels and teaches important coding elements like basic syntax, parameters, strings, arguments, loops, and variables to children. Code Combat uses a straightforward text editor to apply actual coding syntax, enabling kids to become familiar with languages like HTML, CDS, JavaScript, and Python.

5. Code Monster

CodeMonster blends elements of games and tutorials to teach Javascript. The site is free and suitable for kids ages 9-14. It has a simple environment consisting of two boxes; students enter their code in one box as per the monster’s guidance, and can see the results in real time in the other box.

6. Scratch

Scratch is a fantastic platform for kids between 8 to 16 years of age to learn how to create everything they can imagine, virtually. The website was developed as an online environment to assist young children in exploring fundamentals of coding. You can program stories, game, animations using Scratch and share it among your peers. It is developed and managed by a non-profit ogranization called The Scratch Foundation and is free of charge for you to explore, create and share.  

7. is one of the most popular websites that offer free coding lessons for kids. This website is well-known for its user-friendly search engine, which allows you to find related courses worldwide. It also provides detailed online tutorials that last 15 to 20 hours on average.

To keep kids hooked to the course material, uses interactive teaching methods, including maze games. The course covers the basics of programming and also offers lessons on how to code real-world apps and websites in languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. is designed for children of 4+ years of age with lessons organized by grade so that kids can select levels with the right amount of ease and challenge.

8. CodinGame

This platform helps kids practise coding skills by playing and creating games. This is a free website meant for upper elementary and older students, and familiarizes them with coding concepts by solving puzzles, competing in coding wars, contributing to multi-player games and learning how to code in various languages such as C++, HTML, Java, Python, Ruby, Swift, and more. This forum appeals to both experienced coders and beginners. Their Free tutorials make getting started with every coding challenge a breeze.

9. CodeMonkey

CodeMonkey is literally about helping a monkey recover the mixing bananas taken by a lousy gorilla. This simple gaming concept is supported by puzzles that get trickier at every level. It unlocks a new feature with each task you finish. There’s a free 30-day trial available on CodeMonkey, if this sounds fun to you.


 Stencyl is an excellent way for beginners to learn to code. As it is based on Scratch, it uses the same code blocking system. Children learn to code by creating games, which they can publish on various platforms, including iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, etc.

Stencyl also has the option of using typed code, which allows children to experience the feel of real-life coding challenge. You can also check out the detailed curriculum their instructors follow on the website. If your child is serious about publishing, they also offer paid pro plans to publish on other sites in addition to the free edition of Stencyl that supports web publishing.