6 Things Coding can Teach Kids

The students today are exposed to technology and innovations so early, it has changed the way they communicate, collaborate, and create. Their patterns of processing information, thinking and learning are changing at a faster rate; therefore, introduction to coding is important now more than ever before.

Coding has gained popularity from their ability to add or change functions in the core of software easily. Plus, it has become increasingly customizable with time. As a result, coding is now a next-gen skill. 

report from Oxford Economics suggests that robots and automation could displace 85% of the global workforce by 2030. That’s crazy and scary at the same time. We, at Tekie, are on a mission to teach and master coding skills to kids–for reasons far greater than “just building apps”, because the possibilities of coding are endless!

Learning how to code can lead your kid to create great things instead of just consuming them.

We have a few great examples to share:

Margaret Hamilton, an American computer scientist, systems engineer, and business owner. Sounds familiar? That’s because she handled the code behind the success of the Apollo 11 moon landing. Ada Lovelace, regarded as the first computer programmer who led the creation of the mechanical general-purpose computers. Another splendid example is Daphne Koller, a professor of computer science at Stanford University. She began coding at an early age and is now the founder of popular online learning platforms like Coursera. 

There are more, and some of them are in the making as we speak. Here are 6 things coding can help kids with, other than just building apps:

1. Makes your kid a Skilled Learner

Coding acts as a gateway to learning many future-ready skills. While learning to code students follow a learning curve and process, by the end of which they can clearly articulate their ideas and processes to other people. After all, what’s better than learning a coding language to communicate and operate all the tech that surrounds us freely! Classes for kids at an early age can help them understand these programming languages faster because of their innate learning abilities.

2. Fosters Creativity

Coding at an early age generates ample opportunities to make mistakes and learn. These mistakes strengthen their minds and foster creativity. It helps them evolve from a tech consumer into creators of digital artefacts.

3. Teaches Problem-solving through Logical Thinking

The beauty of coding lies in its trial-and-error way of learning. While trying to fix errors by breaking down the problem by its components, the students are exposed to complex and abstract situations. Organizing this chaos helps them boost their logical prowess and come up with faster solutions for complex future problems. We at Tekie work towards mastering their coding fundamentals to equip them with a framework for future problems. 

4. Peer Learning & Leadership

While trying to tackle lines of codes while setting up programs, teams of coders discuss and debate workable solutions with one another. What works and what doesn’t, is a fun game that promotes team cooperation and understanding. Coding for kids at an early age serves as a building block that exposes them to such groups and allows social learning. That builds a foundation for an important life skill: Leadership.

5. A plethora of job opportunities open up

There is a high demand for efficient and smart coders in the future of tech. Learning to code makes you adaptable and helps you recognize and grab opportunities that can otherwise be easily missed. From creating video games, apps, to self-driving car programs, the possibilities of applied code are endless.

6. Improves Organizational Skills

Coding is a meticulous process that demands the users to arrange the code in an easy-to-understand manner. Sometimes, while dealing with complex code frames, the final code can get messy and hard to navigate. Programming helps build habits like attention-to-detail & longer attention span. Hence, picking up coding at an early age can help develop these crucial organizing skills which also reflect in other aspects of life. 

Remember, it’s more about the process than the result. The coding experience gets you to break down problems objectively and arrive at better decisions following a process that’s easy to track. These are the core six reasons why coding at an early age will make a student future-ready.

We, at Tekie, have built a live coding platform for school students that uses the power of storytelling, to make learning coding concepts a movie-like experience. We have created the world’s first animated video series on coding that guides students through interactive stories, married with real and abstract sci-fi activities that make their coding journey fun and rooted in real life. Check out our free episode here